Multi-patient triage scenario, injury builder and more


It might be a while since we have talked or had written correspondence. Still, we at Exonicus have amassed some of our freshest updates on Trauma Simulator and Exonicus in general.


The most recent addition to our Trauma Simulator will be a new functionality – Multi-Patient Triage Scenario. The scenario includes several patients with different injuries that require real-time attendance. This will be an excellent development for our users, as it allows them to train multi-tasking in a time-crucial environment. 

The feature is nearing the final stages of development, so be sure to follow updates via further newsletters or social media.


Another interesting new development that we would like to introduce You to is the Injury Builder. 

As the name implies, the Trauma Simulator’s new feature will allow to create custom scenarios, changing the physiology of the patient, traumas sustained, and the severity of the aforementioned injuries. This will enable users to create endless situations to practice, allowing for unparalleled customization.

As this feature is under construction, be sure to contact us at to schedule a live demonstration, as well as for any general inquiries.


One of the main draws of VR healthcare training includes presenting trauma management education in a safe and socially distant environment. Our team at Exonicus conducted the first tests for the multiplayer mode, including a transatlantic test with team members situated in the United States. 

This allows us to confidently state that the possibilities for this feature are pretty extensive. After further development, we will be glad to demonstrate the feature to You to its fullest extent.


We recently had our first webinar at the start of April, which could be described as a great success. Several guests, several activities, a discussion with the co-founders Jānis Kondrāts and Sandis Kondrāts, and a live demonstration of Trauma Simulator, we hope that every attendant had a great time.

If You could not attend this webinar, another one is in the plans at the start of summer, so stay tuned for updates regarding this matter through e-mail or social media.


While we are based in Europe and the United States, Exonicus is always looking for new ways to expand, both with our Trauma Simulator and the business side. We have started our first distribution deal in Asia! In cooperation with Nucleic Health Innovations Pvt Ltd, Trauma Simulator is to be represented in India.

If You are interested in distributing our product, be sure to contact Deivids, our Distributorship manager, at to discuss further.

In any case, be sure to contact us for any further questions and look us up on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

Best regards,