Personal Protective Equipment training for COVID-19 – long-awaited help to fellow frontline healthcare workers

COVID-19 is emerging globally and has already taken so many lives. Physicians and nurses need to train how to wear and remove PPE! The appropriate use of PPE is the main tool to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2 among healthcare professionals.

All frontline personnel should have easy access to educational training materials and be provided these materials and resources as part of their mandated hazard certification.

In support of improved training efforts, Exonicus, Inc. pros in medical simulation training have added a new PPE module with a dressing room, gown-up and de-gowning PPE procedures for a technician, nurse, or physician. In this module, we designed a Training and Simulation mode with data being recorded for grading and positive feedback.

This trading module addresses the serious nature of a potential viral contagion such as Covid-19 and is applicable to any biosafety level 3 conditions. This educational video and simulator training module is based on the latest and most current information, and has been validated and supported by members of the International Board of the American College of Emergency Physicians, members of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine, and officials from the World Health Organization (WHO).