• User is presented with a trauma patient with multiple injuries in the Emergency Department: Injury sustained from an explosion
  • Uses objects in room to treat those injuries 
  • Order of treatment as per trauma protocol is defined by the injuries – the user(s) experience a change in the vital signs of the patient at a defined rate determined by the users care action.
  • Goal
    • Keep the patient alive
    • Identify all the injuries and treat all injuries
    • Send to the correct next treatment location


  • Airway injury
  • Pneumothorax
  • Internal bleeding injury
  • Hemorrhaging injury
  • Cut Wounds
  • Covid-19 PPE RED, YELLOW and WHITE
  • Head Trauma

The user is presented with a virtual patient where a standard physical exam is possible, including pupils that react to light, tympanic membrane exam, breathing (chest rise/fall), breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds, pulse that can be felt at neck/wrists/groin/feet, patient moans in pain when player interacts with region with respective injury, shows a normal/abnormal fast ultrasound exam, can vomit, bleed, and responds to simple verbal commands.

The interactive vital sign monitors respond/react through correlating injury modules that include airway injury, pneumothorax, hemorrhage, extremity injury, and internal bleeding.